Since 1988

Since 1988, Tarallificio Damiano has represented excellence in the artisan art of naturally leavened baked products. Founded by Damiano, the company has its roots in San Lorenzello, in the Benevento area, an area renowned for its artisan traditions.


San Lorenzello is a small town in the Campania region, located in the heart of southern Italy. This area is renowned for its wealth of fertile lands and Mediterranean climate favoring the cultivation of a wide range of agricultural products.


The key to the company's success lies in the scrupulous choice of raw materials, in the still artisanal production methods and in the use of mother yeast, expertly renewed every day. This process induces the formation of the characteristic bubbles that characterize the honeycomb of our products, preserving artisanal authenticity and offering inimitable aromas and flavors.